Zeversolar Inverter Review and Historical Model Range Eversolar 5kW Inverters Review

Zeversolar, previously known as Eversolar, is a popular Chinese-made brand of PV inverters. Zeversolar are a popular inverter in Australia because they have good support and was owned by SMA (previously). SMA is a German company and you can read our SMA inverter review here. With Zeversolar, you get the best of both German quality control and Chinese manufacturing. This is our Zeversolar Inverter Review, particularly we will review the Zever 5kW models. The current model is Zeverlution 5000.

Many households in Australia have Zeversolars! They are a good inverter and can have their 5 year out-of-box warranty extended out to a whole 10-year warranty for a couple of hundred dollars.

Since the company have been around since 2007, they have been definitely stood the test of time and beaten most teething issues like other inverters of the time such as Growatt or Sunny Boy. Zeversolar has two branch offices outside of China and one is in Germany and the other is in Australia.

The 5kW household Zever is the workhorse of the Zever industry in Australia. It is a Wi-Fi enabled, lightweight, transformerless inverter that is the 5th Generation of their product.

Not many brands have had 5 market-ready iterations of their inverters!

It only weighs 12Kg and can be installed outside. Like most 5kW inverters in this market-space, it has two MPPT trackers so that you can put panels on two separate faces.

Zeversolar have an Australian office and since they have been on Aussie roofs for longer than 10 years already, we can safely say, Zeversolar are a good cheap solar inverter.

Zeversolar Good Value Inverter?

Short answer: YES. Zeversolar are an amazing value inverter that have actually recently gone up in price. This could mean one of many things such as:

  1. Zevers have new components that make it worth more than it was before either
  2. Aussie dollar dropped
  3. demand for the Zeversolar is high and good and the brand is doing well
  4. or the quality of Zevers are even better than they expected!

We think Zeversolars are a great choice and have installed thousands of them to households in Brisbane. If you’re looking for Zeversolar solar systems in Brisbane then we can install Zeversolar systems for your at prices below $5,000. Speak to us today on 07 3153 4178 to discuss your solar system and we’ll give you a free quote.