Which Electricity Retailer Should You Go With if You Have Solar?

Which Electricity Retailer Should You Go With if You Have Solar

Over the last decade, solar power has been gaining increasing recognition. More and more homeowners are choosing to go solar due to the many advantages it offers, including the feed-in tariffs and reduced expenses. But with so many electricity retailers, it can be difficult to find the right plan for your solar system.

This is why our solar energy experts in Brisbane put together a simple guide explaining which electricity retailer you should go with and what to consider when looking for one.

The Biggest Feed-in Tariff Doesn’t Mean It’s the Best

Choosing a competitive feed-in tariff is essential when it comes to minimising energy bills.

Most solar households consume only around 30%-40% of the power that the system generates, so a feed-in tariff will come in handy.

While you might be tempted to go for a big feed-in tariff plan, make sure to inspect the offer thoroughly because they usually include increased pricing on usage and supply charges. To work out which plan is the most budget-friendly for you is to calculate your solar export and energy usage.

Consider Your Energy Usage and Solar Export

There are plenty of websites that offer excellent retailer comparisons side-by-side. To find the most cost-effective deal for your system, you will need to take into consideration your energy usage and solar export. Compare them to the pricing, discounts, and feed-in tariffs of the deals.

You will want a retailer that offers you relevant services and a low energy cost. While this type of plan may not necessarily have the best feed-in tariff, you will benefit from having the lowest bill possible in the long run.

Learn About Benefit Periods and Pay-on-Time Conditions

Benefit periods and pay-on-time conditions can affect your level of savings significantly. There are some important factors you’ll want to think through for yourself and choose a plan according to that.

The first thing to keep in mind is, some cheaper plans have a benefit period of one-two years, after which the benefits end and you may end up facing a hefty bill. You may want to consider looking for a retailer who will offer you a plan with ongoing low rates. This might work better for you long term.

The second point to consider is that if a plan has a pay-on-time discount, you need to pay the bill by its due date or you will end up paying much more. If you know that there’s a possibility you’re going to miss a bill or two at some point, you could consider looking for a deal that doesn’t come with the pay-on-time conditions, but still offers competitive rates.

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