Seraphim Solar Panel Review

This Seraphim Review covers Seraphim Solar Panels in the Australian climate. Seraphim makes panels in multiple locations, including USA. Most of the panels are made in China and the Panels that are in the Aussie solar industry are the Chinese panels. Make no mistake, they are equivalent to the USA made panels. Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (SERAPHIM) began in 2011 when the company was founded in China. Nowadays, Seraphim (as of 2019) has 20 regional offices and 2500 direct employees. They are a profitable company.

The key to Seraphim’s longevity in Solar is Quality Control (QC). They are able to push panels out in volume, but also keep quality high. Seraphim differs from many of the China-only solar panel manufacturers in that they have a very American engrained atmosphere within the company. Not only do they make panels in USA, they have R&D facilities and there is tons of correspondence between both the China and USA divisions of Seraphim solar. This means that you, as the consumer, get American backed panels, with Chinese efficiency.

Fortunately, we have never had any issues with Seraphim solar panel modules. They are a good mix of value and quality. They are an excellent mid-range panel choice for Household Rooftop Solar.

Seraphim 2019 panels sport 30 year warranties.

  • Seraphim panels have enhanced fire resistance when compared to regular panels.
  • They are great for use in sandy beach-side areas, snowing alpine locations, and even high latitude regions.
  • Seraphim PERC captures anywhere from 5-25% more energy generation and hence, these panels have a high efficient power generation ability.
  • Protection against dreaded micro-cracks and subsequent snail trails by using double dual glass module technology.

Seraphim Warranty Review

Similar to most panels, Seraphim Solar Panels have a 25 year performance warranty & 10 year parts, repair, replacement, or refund remedy warranty.

Seraphim 25 year panel warranty review graph linear warranty 25 years

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Should you buy Seraphim Solar Panels?

For these reasons, we find Seraphim as a healthy and productive choice in Australia. There are multiple wholesalers of the Seraphim modules in Australia. Some popular QLD based wholesalers include RaysTech who supply Seraphim modules Australia-wide. If you are looking for a bang for buck solar panel in Australia then Seraphim solar panels that we reviewed here will provide that solution for you. Even better if you’re in the USA because you’ll get USA made panels!

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