LG Mono X 265 270 275w solar panel review

LG Energy is a divison of South Korean technology behemoth, LG Corporation. The parent company has been conducting research & development since 1979.

Beginning their own R&D into polycrystalline solar cells in 2005, by 2007 LG had built their first large sun energy farm, a 14MW solar plant in Taean, Korea. Most likely at this time they were flexing their ability to market solar. Although their first power plant did not use LG panels, since they hadn’t been made yet, it’s worth noting that the market leader of panels at that time was Sharp, which are a long gone brand of PV solar panels.

If a single defect is found among a hundred units, then the remaining 99 units will be considered defective

In-Hwoi Koo, founder of LG in 1948

When did LG start doing Solar?

Sometime in the 80s: being a love of research & development, LG has looked at solar many times before for lots of different parts of the business, not just for rooftop solar.

The first true LG panel for the rooftop PV market came in 2014 and was the LG Mono X, which was a 260w panel. This was followed in the same year by 265 and 270w panels.LG Mono X 265 270 275w solar panel review

LG Mono X 265 270 275w solar panel review from 2014

Later in 2015 they released 275w and 285w panels. The reason I’m bringing up LG’s old panels is because:

  • Some other manufacturers haven’t released any new panels since that year (2015).

  • LG has refreshed their panel model multiple times in the same year.

Why? Because they want to be known as the best panel on the market.

Are LG Solar Panels the best panels on the market?

lg solar panel

A good panel is manufactured by a good company, with a good warranty, with a good track record, with good workmanship and a good brand. Most of these are easy for LG to achieve since LG Electronics turns over more than all of the top 10 solar panel makers combined.

LG Solar Panel market distribution warranty reviews

Most of us have at least one LG product in our home. Whether it’s a microwave, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a dryer, a television, or just a tv remote, the warranty process is known to be one of the most simple processes for any electronics manufacturer.

LG understands Australian customers and know how Aussies buy and why they buy.

Some readers may even have all of their household goods made by LG and they are just checking if the solar is just as good as the fridge, microwave etc.

LG Warranty Review

Initially coming with a 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty, LG has been the first big brand to go the whole 9 yards and hit Aussies with a 25 year product warranty on top of the 25 year performance warranty.

Can any Chinese manufacturer be as confident as LG?

Well, first, LG aren’t made in China, they’re made in Korea. Some panels will soon be Assembled in USA too.

We asked LG about the manufacturing process and it starts at the ingot. They cut their own wafers, add their own busbars, add their backing, the frame, the junction box, the labels, the genuine mc4 and the serial number, of course.

LONGi Mono ingot review

People who buy LG panels want the best. This usually means around $1,000-$2,000 more for a 6kW system and around 20-40% more for bigger systems. Is it worth the extra penny? Short answer, depends.

So do I need LG Panels on my roof or not? Should I get LG Panels?

If you want the best solar panel: yes.

If you want to be covered by LG, the same brand that runs many households in Australia: yes.

If your roof space is limited and you want to take advantage of their highly efficient panels (per m2): yes.

If you want a panel that takes longevity seriously: yes.

If you want to support a brand that continues to improve on their already exceptional product: yes.