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Leapton Solar

Upon hearing the word japan, several things come to our minds. The most important of which is Japanese are very hardworking people on the face of planet earth. The Japanese are the pioneers of technological innovation globally, both culturally and ethically, as we know that many international companies have flooded the Australian market with their products. Given the geological significance, we are looking at a significant increase in the region’s Solar Industry. However, not all of these products are compatible with Australia’s environmental conditions. Leapton Solar Panels are supposedly built to Japanese quality.

Leapton Solar

For this sole reason, we are here to discuss low costing, tier 1 solar panels in Australia. Enter Leapton Solar. Primarily a Japanese company headquartered in Kobe, Leapton solar is in the global solar market for over eight years and provides services through their 300 plus local distributors and many warehouses situated worldwide in more than 30 countries. Approved by CEC, the company uses cutting-edge PERC technology in their panels in manufacturing their premium level panels. That, too being cost-efficient to both residential and commercial consumers. They have been in the Australian industry for 2 years and have significantly grown in people trusting them to answer the international energy crisis.

Leapton in Australia

Leapton solar has introduced the half-cell configuration of their panels. These modules offer more advantages over other modules in terms of higher power output, better performance under high temperatures, noticeable reduction in loss of power due to shading effect, lower hot-spot risk. Moreover, these modules have shown a higher resilience towards mechanical loads. These panels are all made following the Australian climate and tested for salt-mist, ammonia, and sand dust. They give a 15-year product warranty with a 25-year performance warranty at a lower cost than the competitors.

This is the current Australian Leapton 370watt Solar panel – Leapton datasheet 370 LP158-M-66-MH-360-375W-35mm

The panel under review

Leapton has introduced a wide range of solar modules from 315 watts to 410 watts. These modules are available at marketing beating priced at their authorized reseller, Sunterra.

315 to 330W

Power 315W 320W 325W 330W
Open circuit voltage V 40.70 40.90 41.10 41.30
Short circuit Voltage A 10.02 10.15 10.20 10.24
Maximum power voltage V 33.20 33.40 33.60 33.81
Maximum power current A 9.49 9.58 9.68 9.76
Module efficiency % 18.7 19.0 19.3 19.6


325 to 340W

Power 325W 330W 335W 340W
Open circuit voltage V 41.10 41.30 40.80 41.10
Short circuit Voltage A 10.20 10.24 10.50 10.60
Maximum power voltage V 33.60 33.80 34.00 34.20
Maximum power current A 9.68 9.76 9.85 9.94
Module efficiency % 19.3 19.6 19.9 20.1


360 to 375W

Power 360W 365W 370W 375W
Open circuit voltage V 45.00 45.20 45.40 45.60
Short circuit Voltage A 10.13 10.17 10.22 10.28
Maximum power voltage V 37.55 37.80 38.05 38.30
Maximum power current A 9.59 9.66 9.73 9.79
Module efficiency % 19.4 19.6 20.0 20.2


390 to 410W

Power 390 395 400 405 410
Open circuit voltage V 49.30 49.50 49.70 49.80 50.00
Short circuit Voltage A 10.12 10.21 10.30 10.21 10.25
Maximum power voltage V 41.00 41.25 41.50 42.30 42.60
Maximum power current A 9.51 9.58 9.64 9.58 9.63
Module efficiency % 19.0 19.3 19.6 20.1 20.4

Why Leapton solar panels?

Leapton is a fairly new company in the Australian solar market but has quickly risen to fame through their innovative products at cut prices and their panels are stocked at an overwhelming pace nationwide. They have chosen GoSolar as their authorized reseller. Sunterra is a trusted reseller in Australia affiliated with solar goliaths like Sunpower, Jinko and Longi.


Leapton solar is recently accredited in tier 1 solar panel manufacturers. They are also approved by Clean Energy Council for their top-notch solar modules. Their panels are tested for harsh Australian conditions like a strong wind, salt-mist corrosion, and ammonia corrosion.

Warranty and services

Leapton solar offers a power capacity of up to 1GW with a fully automated power line overseen by 40 plus engineers at ready equipped advanced equipment to provide you excellent service. They are offering a 15-year product warranty matching most of the top brands in the market and a 25-year performance warranty on the top-notch products but at a much lower price than the rest.

Their only downside is that do not have an office in Australia. This is quite forgivable because many of the other brands also don’t have their offices in the country. They mostly work from overseas through their authorized resellers. In their case, they shook hands with the as mentioned Sunterra to supply their products in the country. To sum it all up, Leapton Solar is a decent brand to go with.

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