Huawei Solar Inverter review

Huawei is like a new child who shifted to a new block in the residential solar market and has maintained a low-key profile albeit they have been manufacturing utility and commercial solar inverter. Huawei has recently ventured into the business of residential solar inverters this doesn’t imply that they are inferior as compare to the bigger names in the market, rather they stayed in the sidelines, keenly researched on the inverters available in the market, and subsequently came up with their exceptionally consolidated piece of a string inverter.

huawei solar inverter review

huawei solar inverter review

The reason behind picking the string inverter is that the string inverter has gone through different phases of transformation and have been adjusted according to the recently upgraded solar equipment with less cost and major improvements. In 2020, two main variants of Huawei inverter were launched to facilitate users; the three-phase SUN2000-M0 and the single-phase SUN2000L. In contrast to alternative solar inverter manufacturers, the 2 variants of Huawei inverters include HV DC-coupled battery compatibility as standard creating each inverter solar cum energy storage inverter (hybrid).

Huawei Single-phase inverter / storage.

At first the release date was scheduled in 2016, the Huawei SUN2000L solar inverter range has undergone a long process of development. Huawei inverter release date was reserved till more refinement and was commercially release in 2018. The outcome, a high-spec, moderate design to ramp up the technological race among other solar inverter producers more than ever.

Eliminating the constraint of an EPS function in the Huawei SUN2000-M0 guarantees an accommodative price point for clients looking for the energy saving advantages and solar and energy-storage combined. Despite the fact that inverter has an innovative design, the lack of emergency power supply (EPS) function would leave many users disappointed in hybrid design. Comparing it with the similar other technologies in market, the overall incentive for innovation at hand is remarkable even without an EPS function.

Three-phase/ storage

The year 2020 brought along Huawei’s long-awaited 3-phase inverter; launched and available globally. Although it shares numerous features with its counterpart, single-phase solar inverter, Huawei introduced this innovative model with budget friendly options for battery connectivity. Eliminating the prerequisite of an emergency power supply feature in the SUN2000-M0, Huawei guarantees a really affordable value point for customers looking for the energy saving advantages and combined energy and solar storage.


Classified as a storage based solar inverter for Solar Review, its unique Design, new Features and high Performance rank the Huawei inverter range as an ELITE choice in contrast with its competitors. Indeed, even without EPS, a guarantee which lacks that of an authorised installer network and software which requires further development, the Huawei solar inverter range remains an all-round SUPERIOR inverter offering in 2020.


Ranging from advertisement and sales to provision and distribution, Huawei is blooming in its business centered on solar inverters in Australia with a manpower of around 700 workers. Additionally, the firm has a training hub situated in Sydney alongside an R&D office in Melbourne. Its latest innovations have demonstrated that Huawei is dauntless and matchless as far as performance and quality are concerned, in comparison to numerous other major manufacturers of solar inverter across the globe. We, Huawei feel lucky to offer you this powerful solar inverter with an ensured guarantee. We assume that our review on Huawei solar inverter will be useful for all the potential consumers who tend to install them. In the event that you have any query, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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