The new Growatt 10kW single-phase inverter has a staggering set of functionalities. It is a grid-tied inverter with a special battery connection interface. This means that you can connect batteries for power storage later if you wish.

Growatt 10kW single phase inverter (MIN 7000 ~ 10000 TL X) is an all-in-one solution. It has inverter functionality, power storage functionality, and emergency power supply functionality. This compact design takes the Growatt inverter stand above the rest.

Growatt Solar Inverter Effieciency

The efficiency is one of the highest in the market with 98.1% maximum efficiency. With increased efficiency, you get superb generation.

Most importantly, the Growatt 10kW single-phase inverter has three MPPTs. This means that you can utilize three roof angles on your roof for solar panel installations. Usually, 10kW inverters come with 2 MPPTs making solar panel installation limited to two roof angles only.

Growatt makes it easier for the installer and the consumer to harness the maximum amount of sunlight falling on the roof and increase the generation by increasing the MPPTs in the inverter.

Growatt 10kW single phase inverter has an inbuilt isolator and a type II SPD for better protection for both AC and DC lines.

When you have inbuilt protection in the inverter, you don’t need to install a separate electrical box including isolators, SPDs to protect the inverter. It reduces the cost of installation and increases the durability of the inverter.

All these are reasons why you should try the Growattt 10kW single-phase inverter in your home. With superior generation and durability, you can make a significant profit over other inverters.

Growatt stands at no. 3 among the largest inverter suppliers to the world market due to the heavy research and development on developing superb products like these. Try the Growatt 10kW single phase inverter today.