GE Solar Inverter review

A company that has 130 years of experience being in the renewable energy field, is a company that has a good understanding of what customers need. The logo has the letters “GE” on it. Yes, it is General Electric. It is not a mystery that General Electric is one of the most successful American multinational conglomerates in the world.

ge kw solar inverter

GE 5kw solar inverter

Although General Electric (GE) diversified its operations into many different areas in the renewable energy field, solar power was not one of them until now.

Solar power is the trending energy generation method in the world. There has been an exponential rise in the number of solar PV plants in the world. The International Renewable Energy Agency says that renewable energy is to overtake coal power generation in the world in 2025. The highest contribution to renewable energy is solar power.

Solar power systems are composed of several components to convert sunlight to electrical energy. Solar panels are used to absorb the sunlight and convert it to DC power. But we cannot use DC power in our homes. Therefore, inverters are used to convert it to AC power. After carefully analyzing the solar power market, GE thought, they need to work on a superior quality inverter that is durable, convenient, and superior in quality

Although there are hundreds of solar inverter manufacturers in the world, we don’t really know much about their quality. We know that manufacturers always exaggerate a little about their products. They try to show a little more than what their products really are. GE is a brand trusted by its customers for over 130 years. Therefore, they wanted an inverter that suits their brand name.

How did GE find superiority?

GE analyzed over 300 inverter manufacturers in the world. Clearly, most of them are Chinese manufacturers. GE shortlisted a few companies and reanalyzed the manufacturers who can manufacture to meet the quality standards given by them.

It is not easy to go for superior quality lowering the costs. They found a Chinese manufacturer who can produce an inverter having superior quality standards at an affordable price. This Chinese manufacturing company goes by the name “GoodWe”.

GoodWe is a Chinese inverter brand with a good reputation for the inverters they make. But GoodWe serves the low-end market at lower costs. It is because GoodWe doesn’t have top-notch inverter designs although they have a powerful manufacturing capability.

In their new project with GE, GE fills the gap of superior inverter design standards to suit the buyers who look for the best quality products. Since GoodWe is a company that has been in the market for quite some time, they are capable of manufacturing inverters at an affordable rate, unlike new companies.

With the collaboration of these two established companies, a new inverter comes out with the name “GE Solar Inverter”.

Why GE Solar Inverter is Superior?

GE Solar Inverter is made to challenge the rest of the solar inverters in the market in three main ways.


GE Solar Inverter comes with a 10-year product warranty. Most of the solar inverters in the market have only 5 years of product warranty. You have to pay extra if you need to extend the warranty. GE makes sure that GE Solar Inverter is durable enough to work for 10 years without maintenance.

Convenience and Maximum Generation

The inverter range includes three solutions.

GEP 3 – 5kW Single Phase Inverter.

This inverter has 2 MPPTs. It means you can install solar panels in two different angles if it needs to be. DC oversizing is 50% making it possible to increase the DC power up to 7.5kW. Efficiency is 98.3% which is superb.

GEP 5 – 10kW Single Phase Inverter

Having 3 MPPTs, you can use three roof angles to install your solar panels. It solved the problem of not having enough space to install solar panels at a single angle. It also has 100% DC oversizing which is just great. You can load the DC side as twice as it is rated. For GEP 5kW, you can load 10 kW without hassle. The efficiency is 97.8% and it is second to none.

GEP 29.9 – 60kW

These inverters are three-phase inverters for industrial and commercial-scale solar PV systems. Having 6 MPPTs makes it more and more suitable for roofs with limited space.

Looking at the above, there are no other inverters in the market with such many MPPTs and DC oversizing. With this inverter, you can increase the capacity of the solar inverter the way you want when you want. The high number of MPPTs makes it easy to utilize several roof sides instead of just one and two.

It is clear as always that GE understands the customers’ issue more than any other company in the same business. It proves that GE has become a giant in the renewable field by understanding customer needs and giving the best solutions possible.