Fronius Primo Inverter Review 2021

Fronius Primo inverter is still the best inverter on the market? Perhaps but the Chinese inverters have definitely come to match in terms of reliability at least.

This a review of Fronius’s Primo inverter and its unique functions.
As the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer, Fronius is regarded as a
legendary company within the industry of solar energy. One of their biggest claims to
fame is their Fronius Primo Solar String Inverter, which was released in late 2013.

Fronius Primo Solar inverter

The Fronius Primo is their single phase inverter. The Primo is considerably heavier than most modern-day inverters, but it’s patented
snap-in design allows for quick and easy installation without the need for power tools.
This snap-in design is combined with a large digital screen display alongside four
multi-function buttons. This sleek interface gives the owner of the inverter the ability to
change functions about the wattage intake, inversion rate, and briefing for general data.
This is one of the biggest reasons why Australian homeowners love the Primo, its
functionality and ease of use gives the owner a reliable, dummy-proof inverter unit that
will surpass all expectations.
On top of that, the digital system within the Primo has the processing power of a small
laptop, and can even connect to your Wifi on select models. If you’re digitally inclined,
Fronius has also developed its own platform for the online and mobile monitoring of your
inverter. This is a great asset to have for your inverter, as you can get notifications on
your phone or personal computer about your solar system’s performance, absorption of
energy, and general updates for the Primo’s data system.

Fronius Active Cooling Fan Vs Chinese inverter Heatsink

Alongside its easy-to-use interface and reliability, the Primo’s active cooling system
increases the performance and dependability of the internal conversion system. Its
fan-forced active cooling system assists the inversion of direct currents (DC) to
alternating currents (AC) with precision and ease, more so than inverters that use a
passive cooling system. With an active cooling system, you won’t be bogged by external
temperatures, and your solar system can readily and cleanly produce power without a
hitch in its process. As a homeowner, you want your solar system to have a quick and
reliable conversion of energy. This translates to higher savings on your power bill and an
even bigger reduction of your use of fossil fuels.

The Chinese solar inverters are now just as reliable without the noisier Fronius fans.

Amongst all of Fronius’s inverter systems, the Primo’s boasts the highest input current,
running at 18A per MPPT, which is amongst the top class of inverters even to this very
day. The Primo has power categories ranging from 3.8 kW to 15.0 kW, and as a
transformerless inverter, you can rely on this inversion system without any additional
energy from your utility provider’s grid.

As a true heavyweight in the class of all solar inverters, the Primo provides an excellent
touch for reliable energy conversion. Coupled with efficient solar panels and LED lights
within your home, you can transform your house into a marvel of energy efficiency. With
over 75 years of innovation, Fronius is without a doubt the leader in energy conversion,
and when you buy a Primo to partner with your solar panels, you will be owning the
highest-grade inverter for your solar system.