Cheapest Solar Systems installed in Brisbane

Are you looking to install a solar system that is installed by good installers, with reputable solar panels and inverters, all for the best price? We hope we have the system for you!

Why do we recommend installing these Solar Systems?

The Longi Solar panels – These are considered to be the most popular solar panel sold in Brisbane. Support for them in Australia has been fantastic in the 5 years they have been in the market now. They are currently the largest solar manufacturer of solar panels in the world. Longi solar panels can be compared to the Toyota Camry of the solar market; a well-priced and extremely reliable solar panel.

longi solar logo

The Growatt Solar inverter – Why Growatt? Growatt Solar inverters have been in Australia for over 10 years now! Their latest, and current solar inverter, the MIN series, TL-X has been out now for over 3 years installed on many houses and businesses in Brisbane – These inverters are so reliable. That’s why we choose to use them!

growatt inverter

BEST SELLER - 6.6kw Solar System

  • 18 x 370w Longi Solar Panels
  • 1 x Growatt Solar Inverter

HIGH USER - 10kw Solar System

  • 28 x 370w Longi Solar Panels
  • 1 x Growatt Solar inverter